Air Sampling involves drawing a known flow rate of air through a filter for a measured amount of time thus enabling airborne particles to be collected. The filter is then prepared for microscopical examination.

A known fraction of the filter deposit is examined, the total number of fibres collected on the filter is divided by the volume of air sampled – this determines the fibre concentration.

Personal Monitoring

Personal Sampling is used for the following:
  • To check the effectiveness of control measures for example, that engineering controls are working to their design specification and do not need maintenance or repair,
  • To obtain data to confirm if a control limit has been exceeded and to inform operatives of the correct RPE (Respiratory Protective Equipment) to be selected,
  • To confirm the chosen RPE is capable of providing the appropriate degree of protection,
  • To determine if the required action level is to be exceeded,
  • For medical surveillance records,
  • To support current and future risk assessments.

Static Monitoring

Static Monitoring is appropriate for:
    • Background Sampling to establish airborne fibre concentrations prior to any activity, which may lead to airborne asbestos fibres.
    • Leak Testing is undertaken to ensure that control measures put in place during asbestos removal works usually in the form of removal enclosures are operating effectively. Leak testing is conducted in areas adjacent to the enclosure of work area to confirm that the controls in place are adequate or identify any defects that can then be remedied.
    • Reassurance Air Monitoring may be conducted in certain circumstances to confirm airborn fibre ceoncentrations these can include:
      • Sampling in areas where known asbestos containing materials (ACMs) have been disturbed or damaged
      • Following/during the removal of ACMs under controlled conditions
      • During the dismantling of asbestos removal enclosures.
      • When remedial and repair works are being carried out on ACMs
      • Following the breach of an asbestos removal enclosure
      • During work/maintenance activities in close proximity to known ACMs
    • Static Sampling to assess asbestos fibre concentrations inside enclosures before entry for a visual inspection.

BDA Surveying Ltd holds UKAS accreditation (UKAS Testing Laboratory No. 2791) for undertaking Air Sampling and 4 stage clearance procedures (certificates of reoccupation).

All analysts are qualified and work in accordance with Health and Safety Executive publication HSG 248 Asbestos : The Analysts Guide. Our senior analysts have attained the British Institute of Occupational Hygiene S301 Certificate of Competence in Asbestos.